I am Zille Bo. With over 9 years of professional experience in Branding, Visual Design and Art Direction, my aesthetic is adventurous, attention seeking, sophisticated and graphic. I am drawn towards minimalistic, carefully thought through colours and shapes, but with an awkward and playful twist.
Shout at hi@zillebo.com or +44 (0)77 6297 0205 if you want to work with me.
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Asbjørn (Universal Music), August, Design Quest, Homewings, Laboratory for Aesthetics & Ecology
Previously worked with: 
6up, Absolut Art, Adomeit Film, Adjust Your Set, Bosch, Broken Dimanche Press, Centre for Expanded Poetry, Deutsche Aids-Hilfe, Channel4, IMG Endeavour, Urbanara, MediaCom, Nanosteam, Volkswagen, and many more.