Zille Sophie Bostinius // Art Director, Designer and Artist Manager
With over 10 years of professional experience in branding, visual design, art direction and marketing, my work and my aesthetic is adventurous, attention seeking and sophisticated. 
I am drawn towards minimalistic, carefully thought through colours and shapes, but with an awkward and playful twist. I want to explore real people/struggles/bodies/emotions – without fabrication; I want to portray what’s behind the surface and what hides in the few moments of being unguarded.
Based in Copenhagen. Open for business all over!
zillebostinius@gmail.com / LinkedIn / Instagram
Past and current clients
Shameless/Limitless, Blondage, Red Bull, Hone, August, Homewings, Laboratory for Aesthetics & Ecology, Asbjørn, Absolut Art, Adjust Your Set, Broken Dimanche Press, Channel4, Centre for Expanded Poetry, IMG Endeavour, MediaCom, Nanosteam, Urbanara, Hello Great Works, Novo Nordic, Saxo Bank, Nupo, Die Goldkinder, Rangleklods, Stella Polaris Festival, Deutsche Aids-Hilfe, DDB Berlin, Volkswagen, Bosch
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