Women – an editorial for Glassbook Magazine 
by Zille Bo, Silas Staal and Yasmine Gigi
One of the biggest topics in today’s society is all about POWER. It is about women demanding a power they were never allowed. It's been in the making for hundreds of years, but still today the consequences of history’s suppression of women is seen all around the world. Now we are beginning to understand all the little signs of how women are still being perceived as submissive. 
In this project, we are questioning whether today's fight against gender inequality is victimising women to an extend that, once again, puts them in a submissive role. Believing power starts within you, we wanted to see how we can create a story about powerful women without calling people/men out for being suppressors, but only focusing on the female strengths and what makes them so brilliant.
Art Direction by Zille Bo
Photography by Silas Staal
Styling by Martina Enevold
Make Up by Yasmine Gigi
Hair by Isabel Fjelking & Donna Marie Thyrrestrup
Nails by Marina Paneva
Published in Glassbook, August 2018

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