GLASS BOX; an editoral for LadyGunn Magazine 
by Zille Bo and Alicia Stepp
Although there’s never been a time without social and political conflict, recent history has been beset with sociopolitical unrest. Those who pay the heaviest price for our actions are our youth.
In Glassbox, we wanted to explore these often controversial and provocative issues that the youth of today face on a daily basis and how resilient they are in the face of this adversity. We hope the viewer is able to take away an important message of their own interpretation but some of the topics we explore include xenophobia, race relations, the power of women and safety in schools.
The models seen in this shoot were cast from a local performing and visual arts high school. We chose to work with real teenagers to further express the representation of a wide range of genders, ethnicities, and personalities so the message could be conveyed in an authentic way.
Art Direction: Zille Bo
Photography: Alicia Stepp
Photography Assistant: Jasmine Green
Styling: Calli Martin @ Seaminx Artist Management
Makeup: Sharon Tabb
Hair: Krista Perry
Makeup/Hair Assist: Omar Perez
Production & Location Manager: Twyla Nova
Video: Jean Nova

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